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We Repair Your Ignition Cylinder and Ignition Lock

Ignition Cylinder & Ignition Lock Repair

Ignition Repair and Ignition Lock Replacement

Feeling that the ignition key of your vehicle is no longer functional or is giving you way more trouble than it is saving time and effort? It is probably time for you to get it replaced or repaired so that you can have a smooth functioning set of keys.
Car Keys Pro is the leading provider of ignition car key repair and replacement services in the Chicago area. So whether your key is stuck or is not pairing well with the ignition cylinder, therefore giving you unwanted troubles, we at Car Keys Pro can handle it and get it fixed for you. Being the most preferred service provider for this service in the Chicago area, we make sure that you have your ignition keys reprogrammed, repaired, or replaced as per your needs whenever you require, wherever you need.

We Are Ignition Experts in Chicago

What more could you want than the best and the most skilled as well as extensively experienced key experts taking care of your ignition key or switch problems? We understand how essential the ignition key is to your vehicle which is why we leave no stone unturned to either reprogram the non-functional key or replace it entirely by cutting out a new one for you. There are a few more things that make us different from all others out there-

  • We are highly professional in our approach and work.

  • We are skilled and experienced and thus we know exactly what we are doing.

  • We are quick and deliver nothing less than absolute the absolute perfect solution to your ignition key issues.

  • Our price packages are highly flexible and can be custom tailored to your requirements and ordered services.

  • We are straight shooters and love transparency- no hidden factors or costs of any kind, at any stage.

Whereas other key providers only have technical knowledge, we understand the keys and vehicles like no other, which is why our services for ignition key replacement or repair are unmatched in the market today.

Ignition Cylinder Problems We Fix

Regardless of the make, model, and even the age of your car, ignition keys are very important and happen to be very sensitive. This is why extreme care is advised when you use ignition keys with the ignition cylinder. At Car Keys Pro, we boil down the ignition problems to two major reported issues- stuck keys or keys not turning in ignition. No matter what the issue is, Car Keys Pro’s team is here to fix it for good.
In most cases, ignition keys do not require replacement and moreover replacing them is costlier than repairing them efficiently. With our ignition key repair service, you can save quite a lot of your resources, especially time and money. Some of the other issues we have been successfully fixing over the years are listed below-
1. Manufacturer’s defects
It is possible that your ignition keys have a faulty part since the manufacturing process itself.
2. Attempted theft
Attempted theft often leaves your ignition assembly in a mess and then the key doesn’t work. We can fix that for you as soon as possible, according to your convenience.
3. Wrong key insertion
Even if you put the wrong key and it gets stuck, call us immediately, and we will successfully help you out, making sure you end up with fully functional keys after repair or replacement.
4. Jammed Wafer
If the wafer gets jammed, we can still help you with the key repair so that the ignition works smoothly.
5. Worn out key
With time, keys tend to become worn out and stop functioning properly. In such cases, Car Keys Pro can provide you with an entirely new replacement at almost half of the market price!

If you’re in Chicago area, facing issues with your ignition keys that have either been damaged, gotten stuck, have become bent or were lost, contact us anytime and we will send the best-qualified lock experts to you for immediate assistance!

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