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Are you looking to buy a new key?

On the Car Keys Pro shopping website we offer a variety of keys for many common key makes and we are now providing mail in services with modules to program keys. If you are interested in mail-in service please reach out to our Online Sales Representative. In the meantime feel free to browse our website for keys, accessory items, and/or services. On the website when purchasing keys, you are given the option to choose an add-on service. Certain services are limited to in-person, however, if you are unsure whether you would need to bring your car to the shop for key programming or cutting please ask. The Car Keys Pro team would be more than willing assist! Car models and 

Please email our online representative at if you have questions or concerns regarding the online shopping site.

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Already have a car key? Consider getting a duplicate.

As Pro-technicians, we highly recommend that car owners have duplicate keys for their vehicles. In an emergency situation where you are locked out of your vehicle or you lose your car key – duplicate keys are a life-saver! According to Locksmith Plus, Inc. published in 2019, “The sheer amount of car lockouts alone show that accidentally misplacing, or locking a key inside your car, home, or business is so common that you have likely experienced it yourself.” The same article mentioned that, “Car lockouts continue to be one of the most requested Locksmith services in the industry.” So, it is highly likely that the average car owner will experience a lock out situation or lose their key. We are here to fill in the gap and help ensure that you are informed and receive quality service.

Informative Video on Key Duplication