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Jeep Ignition Repair Replacement

Jeep Car Locksmith Service in Chicago

Your brilliant experience of owning and driving a Jeep model can be ruined by damage to the keys or worse, if the ignition keys get lost. If that happens, no need to pay a heavy cost for repair or replacement at the dealer’s. Just call Car Key Pro and our expert tech team will help you take back control of your Jeep car in no time. Irrespective of the Jeep model you own and the problem you’re facing with your ignition key- we at Car key Pro can fix it within an hour to help you continue with the day.

Our Jeep Ignition Repair/Replacement Service

After you have discovered the loss or damage of the Jeep ignition keys, give us a call and tell us how you would like to receive our assistance- at a convenient time slot or on an immediate basis. On the basis of your requirement, a team would be dispatched to your location which will first verify the following –

  • Your Identification
  • Vehicle documents
  • Registration number for Jeep model
  • VIN number

After satisfactory verification, our expert lock technicians will use their skills and tools to read your Jeep’s lock module and copy it for the key’s repair or replacement. Within the hour, you will be delivered with a fully repaired or a newly cut and reprogrammed key on the spot.

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Common Jeep Ignition Key Issues We Fix

Even though they are exclusive, people do face some issues with ignition keys in Jeep. Here are some common ones we fix-

  • Ignition key stuck in ignition switch
    A worn out key might get stuck in the switch and then break due to struggle, requiring replacement.
  • Lock not turning with ignition key
    The wrong or partially damaged key would not be able to turn the lock. In such a case, Car key Pro can provide you with a repair or replacement to get back control.
  • Malfunction of remote/transponder
    If your transponder chip or remote is not responding, our programmers can fix that as well, in just a few minutes.
  • Lost ignition keys
    Even lost Jeep cars wouldn’t cost you a fortune. Our team can provide you with a timely replacement without any extra charge.
How It Works

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2. Agree on a time
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3. Get your car key
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4. Payment
You pay upon completion.

Why Choose us for Jeep Ignition Key Repair/Replacement?

  • We are experienced in handling ignition key repair as well as replacement of all models.
  • We offer premium services at affordable prices.
  • We provide the best services as per your convenience.
  • We are quick and deliver perfection in our repair and replacement.

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