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Dodge Ignition repair replacement

Dodge Car Locksmith Service in Chicago

Did you just discover that your Dodge’s ignition keys have been lost or damaged? Worried about what you might have to shell out for the replacement at the dealer’s? Just call Car Key Pro and our expert team will help you get back on road for the day ahead, without any extra cost or delay.

At Car Key Pro, we excel in providing you convenient and mobile Dodge ignition key repair and replacement at a time and place of your choice. No matter what the issue, we can help fix it at the earliest.

Our Ignition repair/replacement service

After calling our team, you would be asked for a preferable time slot for the service. You can provide us a convenient time slot or ask for immediate assistance. Our technical team will reach your location and verify some details for which you would have to keep the following things ready-

  • Identification
  • Vehicle documents
  • Registration number for Dodge model
  • VIN number

After proper verification, our expert lock smiths and technicians will use their experience, skills and state of the art tech tools to copy your lock module for an easy ignition key repair or replacement. Your key will be cut and if need be, reprogrammed within the hour and delivered to you in a functional state on the spot.

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Common Dodge ignition key issues we fix

Dodge cars, especially the old models have some defects and issues in ignition switches as well as other parts. Some common issues we fix are-

  • Ignition key stuck in ignition switch
    Old and damaged keys get stuck in the switch and might snap, requiring replacement.
  • Lock not turning with ignition key
    The wrong or damaged key will not turn the lock and make it worse. If the key or the module gets damaged, we can help in immediate replacement of the key.
  • Malfunction of remote/transponder
    You might knock off the transponder chip or remote and damage it accidentally. Our programmers can reprogram your chip within minutes.
  • Lost ignition keys
    Even if you lose your only pair of Dodge ignition keys, we can provide you a quick replacement at low cost.

Dodge Ignition repair replacement
Dodge Ignition repair replacement
How It Works

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2. Agree on a time
We confirm a slot for your job.

3. Get your car key
We make your new key onsite.

4. Payment
You pay upon completion.

Why choose us for Dodge ignition key repair/replacement?

We are highly trained in handling ignition key repair and replacement of all Dodge models.
We offer services at affordable and unbeatable prices.
We provide the best services as per your convenience.
We have a quick turnaround time and deliver absolute perfection in our repair and replacement.

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