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What to do if you lose your car keys

What to do if you lose car keys?

Misplacing or losing car keys is a very common issue. We all have been through the treasure hunt in office space or home to find the pair of the misplaced or lost car keys. The relief of finding them is beyond the explanation of words. However, what if you lose them for good and all your search attempts go in vain? What if you have no other means to open your car or get back in?   The most common thing that people do is call up their dealer and get an expensive job done after wondering how to replace car keys. Or if they are somewhere on the way, they would hitch a ride to the nearest garage or service centre to get some help. Irrespective of what assistance you choose, it is going to drill a hole into your pocket and eat up your mind for quite some time. However, there is another way which is unknown to most of the individuals.   Contacting a Car key provider Before you think of a simple mechanical lock and key job, let us tell you that key provider these days do more than just that. Your car probably does not belong to the decade of the 90s which is why it is highly likely that its keys will have a transponder smart chip to open the car. Without the correct programming, the key will not unlock the car and will raise the alarm. Usually, such a job of getting another pair of car keys from authorized dealers costs more than hundreds of dollars. But a car key provider can do that for much less, and spontaneously- within the hour.   What to do? what-to-do So if you have lost your car keys for good or if they are nowhere to be found, the best way to cope up with it and solve the issue is to contact a car key provider as soon as possible. Car key providers have their own technical team which can visit you at a time and place of your convenience and then use their skills as well as tools to make you a new car key, fully programmed to work with your car. Generally, such fob or smart keys with reprogrammed chips can cost more than $300 and take upto two to three days to come through. With a car key provider, you get to save a lot on the money front as well as time as the keys are provided to you within the hour.   So set your phone ready and remember to have some identification documents on you along with the registration or relevant documents for the vehicle as well. This will help the tech team sent by the car key providers to help you out. What next? Wait! Wait for our team to reach out to you and help. After you have gotten the smart keys back, you also need to make sure that you don’t end up clueless if this mistake takes place again. We recommend you get two copies done for the car and always keep the spare pair somewhere safe, for emergency use. Going to the dealer is always an option but why would anyone want to waste more time and money for something that is easily being provided to you in a much better offer.

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